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Paul Enenche Writing Ministry

Paul Enenche Writing Ministry

God’s servant, Dr. Paul Enenche is a man blessed of God. He is a versatile anointed man of God who
functions in different capacities to fulfill God’s agenda as granted him.

Remember, Dr. Paul Enenche is a Pastor (founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel
Center), Gospel musician and song composer, medical doctor, and even a writer and an author amongst
other things.

Seeds Of Destiny 2022
Seeds Of Destiny 2022

Right here, we are going to be focusing on his writing exploits, and consider how God has been using
him to bless multitudes through his writing exploits. Obviously, Dr. Paul Enenche is a man who want to
utilize all of his abilities before he leaves.

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For this reason, Dr. Paul Enenche is an exemplary man. We too should know that it is very important
that we make use of all of our potentials so that we can die empty. Actually, you should understand the
fact that God is always very purposeful and intentional, and He doesn’t waste things.

Hence, if God has given you several abilities, ensure you discover them all and use them for His glory.
Don’t leave them latent, because He won’t be glorified if you do so. But when we are utilizing all He has
blessed us with in accordance with His Will, He is glorified, and that is a that matters.

Therefore, we can learn from a man like Dr. Paul Enenche in this regard. Don’t forget that he is a
preacher who preaches to multitudes every now and then, and making good impact on their lives.
However, he is still doing other things, including writing to touch the lives of even many more.

Paul Enenche’s Writing Ministry

Dr. Paul Enenche is obvious a gifted and anointed writer too. His writings are filled with God’s power,
and they keep blessing the lives of many all around the world, to the Glory of the LORD.

He is not a mediocre even when it comes to writing. Well, don’t forget that Dr. Paul Enenche is a man
who is committed to excellence. He doesn’t joke with excellence at all, and it finds expression in several
ways. Therefore, even in this regard, Dr. Paul Enenche is a man given to excellence.

You know, you see some writings out there, and you are surprised about how some people write their

Now, Dr. Paul Enenche has written lot of books since he started his ministry many years ago. Here are
some of the books:

1. 21 Foolish Things People Do, by Paul Enenche
2. Go In Thy Might, by Paul Enenche
3. Making Full Proof Of Ministry, by Paul Enenche
4. Who Are You, by Paul Enenche
5. Thou Art My Battle Axe, by Paul Enenche
6. 21 Uncommon Keys To Financial Overflow, by Paul Enenche
7. Reason For Living, by Paul Enenche
8. 15 Kingdom Strategies For Survival, by Paul Enenche
9. 10 Principal Secrets Of Principal People, by Paul Enenche
10. Wisdom For Distinction, by Paul Enenche
11. 30 Secrets To The Top, by Paul Enenche
12. 22 Laws Of Life, Volume 2, by Paul Enenche
13. Purpose, Products, And Pathways To The Blessing, by Paul Enenche
13. Step Up Academically, by Paul Enenche
14. 22 Laws Of Life, Volume 1, by Paul Enenche, by Paul Enenche

15. The Blessing Of His Bleeding

These books are life changing books that can change one’s life forever. Don’t forget that they are written
based on the wisdom obtained from God’s Word, the Bible. For emphasis sake, the Word of God
contains all we need to live a true life of fulfilment and success at all sides.

Therefore, spiritual materials that are based upon the wisdom obtained from God’s Word are golden, as
they can be used by God to change your life forever. This is one of the reasons it is advisable to give
great priority to these types of materials, because you are helping your spirit and your soul.

Therefore, it is very helpful if you get these Dr. Paul Enenche’s books and take out time to read and
study them. In fact, see to it that you recognize the truths that are being shared in these books, and
apply them to your own life everytime and everyday.

You know, it is necessary to advise you to see to it that you are not part of those who will read good
books without taking necessary actions. As you read books like the ones written and published by Dr.
Paul Enenche, you should take note of the wisdom that are shared, and then, make sure that you apply
them to see results.

Now, in a world where anyone can just decide to write something, it is necessary to be careful of the
things you read. However, we know the source of the writings of a man like Dr. Paul Enenche: GOD.
Hence, we can always recommend this man and the things he is doing by God’s Grace and Spirit. You can
confidently read Dr. Paul Enenche’s books and other writings (including his daily devotionals).

Additionally, we should add that Dr. Paul Enenche is not just any kind of writer. This is a man with
results. We can see good results from the things he has been doing by God’s grace, and we know that he
is not just someone who just want to write anything. Therefore, we can actually give attention to a man
like this and what he teaches.

Paul Enenche Writing Ministry

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