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Dr. Paul Enenche Music Ministry

Dr. Paul Enenche Music Ministry

Dr. Paul Enenche is a renown man of God, known as one of the finest preachers we have around. He is
indeed a very vibrant minister of the gospel, and the Church is very blessed to have a man like him with

However, aside being a preacher who ministers to millions all around the world, he is also a gospel
artiste who ministers in songs too. His anointing and gifting is sure a very versatile one, blessing lives all
around the world.

glory dome building Abuja
glory dome building Abuja

At the beginning of this article, we noted that Dr. Paul Enenche is a blessing to the Body of Christ.
Indeed, this man of God is a blessing to the world. He is blessing the world with not only his preachings
and sermons, but also with his songs (amongst others).

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So, one way or the other, his impact is felt by many (particularly believers, not only in Africa, but also
around the world).

And as you should know by now, there are actually several things we can say about this man. However,
here, let’s focus on his music ministry.

Dr. Paul Enenche’s Music Ministry

It is obvious that Dr. Paul Enenche is a man of several pleasant gifts. Just look at him as he sings, and you
will see that he is not doing this just for the sake of it, but he is really anointed for singing too.

Dr. Paul Enenche has released several songs, some of which includes:
A. Nara Ekele
B. You Are Always There
C. Turn It Around

D. I Can’t Pay You Lord
E. There Is a Place
F. When You Are There
G. Am Alive Oh Lord
H. Ainya
I. You Are Holy
J. I Love You Lord
K. As I Journey
L. Thank You Lord
M. Plan Your Life
N. Hunger in My Soul
O. Onye Oma I Praise You
P. Lord I Long for Your Lovely Face
Q. I’m Amazed
R. Look up to God
S. Almighty God We Worship
T. God Will Do It
U. Metu M Aka Gi
V. Covenant Keeping God
W. Lord Have Your Way
X. Ene da Bu Jehovah
Y. Back With a Testimony
Z. Isaiah Song

stuff. Some just write anyhow they like and readers don’t really like them. However, this is never the
case for a man like Dr. Paul Enenche. Don’t forget that he is already known to be synonymous with
greatness and success. Therefore, he always see to it that he always indulge in things in very excellent

Some of his other popular songs include: Father I Adore You, Kwu O Okwu Na O Zuwo, Ole Ya Eh, I’ll
Praise You, Praising and Dancing, Ogbiyola No, and many more.

You can always download his songs online today and even watch them on platforms like Youtube too.
These are superb songs that are anointed and can transform the lives of listeners.

You know, we should note that there are several types of songs out there today, from different sources.
However, there are certain things you should know about songs, because music is quite powerful.
Therefore, you should be very careful about the type of songs you listen to.

The truth is, some people listen to certain terrible songs, and they will give the evil ones a chance to get
them ruined. It is possible to hear a bad song and you allow a bad spirit influence you to do terrible

Therefore, it is always advisable to only give attention to songs that will give glory to God. When you are
always listening to gospel songs, you are helping yourself in several ways.

As a human being, you are a spirit with a soul. That is the real you, and not the flesh you have. You must
then see to it that you feed your spirit and soul with what is very good. It is then very beneficial when
you always allow the word of God to come into you. Don’t forget, the word of God can be sent even
through songs, just as we see Dr. Paul Enenche doing.

You should then be very careful and meticulous about what you allow sink into you. If you keep
consuming bad and terrible materials, you will only keep harming yourself. If you keep listening to
worldly secular songs, you are only hurting yourself. Therefore, run away from what is wrong and
embrace what God is sending forth.

If you want to start enjoying gospel songs, you can start immediately. Make sure you fill your phone and
PC with these songs, and you won’t only enjoy the melody, but you will keep enriching your spirit and

There is something important that we should add about Dr. Paul Enenche and his music ministry. Here is
a man who usually compose songs too. This man of God is also a gospel song composer. Dr. Paul

Enenche has been used of God to compose a whole lot of songs, which he has released himself, and
which his church choir too has sang in church.

This is an amazing grace, and we must admit that it is so. Not everyone can compose strong songs that
can transform the lives of multitudes all around the world. In fact, there are people who can even
compose these types of songs, but who can’t even sing too. And, again, there are those who can sing but
are not too good when it comes to composing. But God is good, as a man like Dr. Paul Enenche can
conveniently compose and sing life transforming songs for God’s glory.

So, we want to advise you to give good attention to gospel songs like the ones by Dr. Paul Enenche.
These are songs that you can always listen to wherever you are, as it is easier now with earphones and
the likes.

In conclusion, Dr. Paul Enenche is a true servant of God who has been called and anointed by the Lord
for His own glory in a time as this. Hence, you can place yourself under his ministry and be blessed.

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