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Paul Enenche Mother

Paul Enenche Mother

In 1967/68, Mama Titi Enewa Enenche won’t have imagined that her pregnancy is going to birth not just any kind of child, but a boy that will become very influential on earth. On the 4th of June in 1968, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy right there in Otukpo – Paul Enenche, who evolved into the founder of one of the biggest churches in the world Paul Enenche New Church Auditorium

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Paul Enenche Mother

Her husband is Chief D.E Eneche, who is the paramount ruler of Orokam District in Ogbadibo Local Government Area . Indeed, it is a blessing seeing your children becoming great personalities on earth, right in your face. The reason for this is because, Dr Paul Enenche is not the only one in the family doing well for himself. His brother – General John Enenche, was a one time Nigerian Defence Spokesman.

Obviously, Mama Titi did her best in training her children. Paul Enenche for one has been a medical doctor before starting a church in 1996. Before then, he had taken his time to leave for a personal retreat on the Plateau hills in Jos . God have been using him immensely, that due to his fame, many are now interested in knowing his mother. She deserved her own accolades, as it was known that she ensured she did all that can be done to shoot her children to the top spot in life.

However, Mama Titi is no longer alive, as she died years ago, and was given a befitting burial. She passed on to glory early August, 2013, some days after retuning from Israel, and she  is survived by Colonel John Enenche, Evangelist Veronica Enewa Aluma, Reverend Sammoses Enenche, Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche, and others. Dr Paul Enenche And Family

Paul Enenche Mother
Paul Enenche Mother

On the 13th of September 2013, it was made known that the her remains was laid to rest in her country home, Ekere, Owukpa in Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State. According to newsmen who witnessed the burial, her remains arrived Benue State the day before, after which it left for her home town (Owukpa) where she was finally laid to rest.

Due to various reasons, wake keep services were held in her honour the day before she was finally laid to rest, in three different places in Otukpo. As expected,  Dr. Paul Enenche and other family members graced the occasion.

During the wake service of Mama Titi – Pastor Paul Enenche’s mother, those that were there put on black wrapper. In fact, it was made known that the wrapper was actually given to everyone free of charge by her children.

While speaking about his mother, Col. John Enenche, who is one of Mama’s children, revealed how dear their mother is, and how she played a very big role that made them all successful today


While eulogizing Mama, with emotions, it was said that Mama Titi Enewa Enenche never gave up on her children even during times where there were misunderstandings between her and her husband.

In fact, during the occasion, Dr Paul Enenche also came to the podium to minister to the tons of people that were there, thereby, giving it all another dimension.

He gave a short sermon, and also prayed for the congregation, with miracles being worked. Indeed, Mama Titi won’t be easily forgotten not only by her children (because they will always remember how she played her own role in pushing them towards success) and her community at large (who will always remember how her children were able to rise to top positions in her own life)Shocking Facts About Dr Becky Enenche

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Additionally, one of her sons had erected an edifice in Ekere; where her remains were eventually laid to eternal rest.

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