Dr Paul Enenche And Family

Dr Paul Enenche And Family

Dr. Paul Enenche is a very popular Pastor in Nigeria who is being used by God to encourage people to get closer to Him. He is the President of one of the biggest churches in the country – Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

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Sure, one of the factors we can agree is contributing to the progress of his ministry is because he has a nice and peaceful family. With his wife (Mrs Becky Enenche), Dr. Paul has being able to touch the lives of many people for good. In this article, we will explore the lifestyle of Dr. Paul Enenche and his family.

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Dr Paul Enenche And Family
Dr Paul Enenche And Family

Shocking Facts About Dr Becky Enenche

Dr. Paul Enenche Family

The Pastor lives together with his wife Dr. Becky and their four children in Abuja, and they are all members of the church God used him to found – Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

He hailed from Benue State and is from the Idoma ethnic group. He was a medical doctor before he was called into full-time ministry, alongside his wife. It should also be added that in obedience to the instructions of God, Dr. Paul Enenche has only one wife – Dr. Becky Enenche, and both has grown together. Their marriage is blessed with four beautiful children.

The Church was established in 1996 and they held their first service at Abuja Centre for Arts and Culture, after which they moved to Abuja Sheraton Hotel before eventually settling at their permanent site some months later.

As a church that has thousands of members, various services are being held on Sundays, and on Wednesday too. Additionally, Dr. Paul Enenche established Dunamis School of Ministry where people are being taught the Bible, and where future leaders and pastors are being developed.

According to some sources, the Seeds of Destiny they publish today was an idea brought up by his beloved wife – Dr. Becky Enenche. This shows that Paul Enenche and his family are in harmony, and his wife keeps playing a big role in the promotion of his ministry.

Additionally, the family also established the Destiny College and Destiny Academy, and Pastor Paul is a general overseer for the institutions. Not being a complacent person, he expanded to Destiny Publications, before entering the Radio and TV industry. It was made known that the core reason he went into that sphere was so he can evangelise Jesus Christ to the world and teach people about the story of Jesus Christ. Glory to God! More successes are being experienced everytime, and it is being said that today, over three million viewers watches from various places in the world.

Dr Paul Enenche And Family
Dr Paul Enenche And Family

We should also add that his ministry also involve themselves in various social work, as it was made known (via the Ministry’s official website) that they are responsible for health facilities, water supply, power supply, classroom supply in various places in the country.

Dr. Paul Enenche Books

Obviously, Dr Paul is keen on utilising all methods to touch the lives of people and bring them closer to the LORD. Apart from various other ventures he indulges in, he also spread the word of God through his books, and he has already written a handful of them, such as:


  1. – 21 Laws of Life
  2. – Financial Wisdom

iii. – Who are you

  1. – The story of the glory
  2. – Wisdom of planning and time use
  3. – 15 kingdom strategies for survival

vii. – Reason for Living

viii. – 30 Secrets to the top

  1. – 10 Principal secrets of principal people
  2. – 21 Uncommon keys to financial overflow

Due to the fact that he is a successful man, he is seen as a person in a suitable position to admonish others, and his books has been read by tons of people from various places in the world. Of course, people proritse those who already has results. Therefore, for a man like Dr. Paul Enenche who already has results, it is easy for people to feel comfortable reading his books and see the strategies he used.

Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

Dunamis International Gospel Centre is already a large and influential Church in the country, and it was made known that the reason he chose the name Dunamis (which is a Greek word for power) is because he believes Dunamis could bring the idea of God`s power to his Ministry.

Dr Paul Enenche And Family
Dr Paul Enenche And Family

Dr. Paul Enenche is known to be concerned about his ministry bringing the glory of God to people of the Earth.

So, here is it about Dr. Paul Enenche and his family. His biography is no doubt an impressive one. A Medical Doctor who have faith in God, and he left a life of full comfort to see the will of God being done on earth. God has helped him to build the Church that is currently known as the largest in the world, and with his wife and four children, they will continue to prosper in the will of God.

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