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Shocking Facts About Dr Becky Enenche

Becky Enenche

Some Amazing Facts About Dr. Becky Enenche most people never knew

Dr. Mrs. Becky Enenche is the wife of one of the most popular Pastors in the country – in the person of Dr. Paul Enenche, doing great exploits for the Lord.

Paul Enenche is the one God used to established Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC) worldwide, and Mrs Becky is a senior pastor in the Church.

DIGC has its headquarters in Abuja, and it is agreed that Dr Becky played a reasonable role in the growth of the Church. She is a Medical Doctor that became a full time Preacher of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and God keeps using her to achieve a lot of great things in the body of Christ.

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Becky Enenche
Becky Enenche

She hails from Ikachi in Benue State and she is also passionate about ministering to the sick. Mrs Becky is blessed with the anointing to heal the sick and to help those that are depressed. Here is a woman that is concerned about the well-being of young people, and she usually tries to mentor young women.

She operates a Monthly meeting that is known as Marital Success Strategies For Enriching Sisters (MASSES). There, Sis Becky is able to deal with the various challenges that women encounters. It is aimed at breeding women who will be successful in all ways – maritally, in their relationships with human beings, etc. Above all, it is meant to enhance the relationship they have with God, so they can be sure of eternity with Him in Heaven.

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Despite being a very busy person, she keeps achieving a lot of things, and she supports her husband in ministry.

Nigeria, Pastor Becky is a remarkable teacher and conference speaker who shows God’s love to others. Called of God to ministry alongside with her husband Dr. She is a Pastor in the Church, and is also the youth pastor at the Church’s Headquarters.

Mrs Becky is acknowledged as a passionate teacher who is being invited to various meetings to teach numerous people the word of God.

Her Influence In The Education Industry

Apart from her exploits in ministry, she is also playing a big role in the education industry. Mrs Becky is the Proprietress of Dunamis International School – a very big Christian School that aims at breeding children in the fear and wisdom of God.

Dr Becky Paul Enenche Daily Destiny Builders
Dr Becky Paul Enenche Daily Destiny Builders

Dunamis International Schoo runs day-care services, crèche, nursery and primary classes. It is impressive to note that they have branches in various parts of the country.

Dr. Becky Enenche Books

She has written several superb books, such as:

– The Alabaster Box

– Protocol of the Ark

– 14 Secrets Plus One to a Beautiful Marriage

– In-laws, In-loves and Outlaws

– Are You Bitter?

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Dr Becky, A Role Model

She is an explempary mother many young ladies are looking up to. Her Ministrations are known to be laced with superb release of the word of God, miracles, signs and wonders, as well as tangible presence of God.

She is admired her modest dress sense. She proves one doesn’t need to dress immorally before being attractive and beautiful. In fact, here is a woman who enjoys wear her hair natural.

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Always Interested In The Success Of Women

Pastor Becky Eneche also runs the impactful “Relationship Strategic Success Secrets”. RSSS is a meeting for women and young ladies. The meeting brings the Presence of God, and God utilises it to heal people.

She also has a strong passion for the deliverance of women from prostitution, and God has used her to ensure the redemption of many prostitutes in times past. She saw to it that they were rehabilitated and established financially.

As A Gospel Singer

Apart from teaching the Word and other things she does, she also sings, and through her songs, has been able to touched the lives of numerous persons. She doesn’t only sing soul-lifting songs, but also writes them. Indeed, she is a blessed woman!

No wonder, the Church keeps attracting people from all segments of the society. In fact, former Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan has been there, and in one of his visits, made it known that he is please with what Pastor Paul and his wife Becky are doing through Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

Obviously, Dr Becky Enenche is supporting her husband, ensuring he keeps fulfilling the mandate given to him by God.

Some Amazing Facts About Dr. Becky Enenche
Some Amazing Facts About Dr. Becky Enenche


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