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Paul Enenche Family

Paul Enenche Family

Pastor Paul Enenche is a servant of GOD who is being used by GOD for great exploits all around the
world. He is an anointed preacher who is loved and well respected by a lot of people around the
globe. Dr. Paul carries God’s fire no doubt, and he is a dispenser of the Life of Jesus Christ.
Despite his fame and popularity, and the fact that he is regarded as a spiritual mentor of many
people, he is pretty humble and subscribe greatly to godly lifestyles. He is a very simple man who is
the founder and Senior Pastor of one of the biggest Christian centers around – Dunamis International
Gospel Center.

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Paul Enenche Family
Paul Enenche Family

Born on the 12th June, 1968, Pastor Paul Enenche came into the home of Pa Enenche and Madam Titi
Enewa Enenche. Eventually, he would grow up to study medicine and surgery at the University. There,
he met Becky, who will become his wife. Also, GOD brought them together, even into ministry, and
they are still doing fine to the Glory of God.

Dr. Paul Enenche Family Song – Turn It Around

As you should be aware already, Dr Paul Enenche is not just an anointed preacher and Pastor, but he
is also a gospel song composer and singer. He has being used of God for many songs that are blessing
people all over the world.
Now, this particular song – Turn it Around – is by the whole family. Here's the Lyrics: Turn It Around by

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche Family

Verse 1
Are you weighed down by battles in life?
Are you thinking of quitting the race?
There is no need to give up on your journey
because I know my God will turn it around

I know my God will turn it around
I have seen my God turn it around
There are so many many many times in my life
that I have seen my God turn it around

Verse 2

Have you suffered from disappointments?
Have some people turned their backs on you?
Just keep holding unto the One Who cannot disappoint
I know my God will turn it around

Verse 3

Are you thinking that you’re all alone?
Do you feel God has forsaken you?
He has promised to keep you till the end of the journey
I know my God will turn it around
Paul Enenche Children
Dr. Paul Enenche and his wife, Pastor Becky Enenche, have four blessed children.

Their children are not unnecessarily loud. However, one of their children, in the person of Deborah
Paul-Enenche is well-known, by the grace of God. She is a lawyer, who currently serves as the
Most importantly, she is a gospel minister in God’s vineyard.

Paul Enenche: Raising A Godly Home

The home is always a very important block in the society. If we can have good homes, then we won't
have issues having a good society. In many places in the world, we keep seeing nasty stuff in the
society. The agents of these nastiness emanated from a particular home in the society. It means, if the
home they were born into have been a very great one, they won't have become the nuisance they are
Now, there are several public influencers who are doing great stuff in different places in the world,
and in different sectors. However, some of them are doing fine everywhere except in their home.
They are positively influencing many people, making great strides and exploits, but they are not doing
too fine at the home front. That is, their home is in mess, their children are not properly trained and
cared for, and things like that. But this is never the case of a man like Paul Enenche. By the special
grace of God, Paul Enenche family is a beautiful family.
You know, it is possible to be so preoccupied with your ministry and career, and you won’t even have
adequate time for your family. You won’t be there for your family, and they won’t even feel your
presence. Of course, you might think you are working hard so you can give them the best. But you
see, your presence is always needed, and you must always be there for them. You should not simply
disciple others via your calling, but should start from your own home. You should not merely take
care of others out there, but you should start from your own home. And this is something we are
grateful for about someone like Dr Paul Enenche. It is good to be a good husband to one's wife, a
good wife to one’s husband, and a good parent to one’s children.
Dr Paul Enenche is not just the father of many spiritual sons and daughters all around the world, but
he is also a father to his own children. It's a nice thing when a man as busy as he is still try to find time
for their children. Such things are exemplary. Dr Paul Enenche is not just a pastor to millions of
believers here, but he is also a pastor to his own children at home. And by God’s grace, him and his
wife have been able to raise godly children that knows the LORD.

It is necessary to now add this that the place of a good spouse can never be undermined. Dr Paul
Enenche has a good wife, in the person of Mrs Becky Paul-Enenche. She is a God-kind of woman who
loves the LORD. She played a good role as a mother to raise her children in the ways of the LORD.
In conclusion, Paul Enenche family is a blessed family indeed. Looking at God’s glory radiating around
them, we can always admonish everyone that the best thing for us is to have a Christian home. A
Christian family where the Word of God reigns supreme, and where everyone is committed to serving
and pleasing the LORD JESUS. LORD give us Christian homes.

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