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Paul Enenche: A True Man Of God

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Abuja, Nigeria. The Author of Dunamis Seed of Destiny Daily Devotional, a daily bible devotional that reveals God’s promises to his children daily. Dunamis (Doo’na-mis) is the Greek word that means POWER. It is a power source that reproduces itself without a reduction in intensity. Thank you for reading Todays Seed Of Destiny Devotional SOD by Pastor Paul Enenche – Please share this post using the share button at end of the page, God Bless

Dr. Paul Enenche is a respected Man of God, not just in Nigeria, but in different parts of the world. He
was born on the 4th of June, 1968. He is from Benue State, but his influence is touchung different
parts of the world, by Gods’ grace.

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Dr. Paul is not just a charismatic Pastor and Preacher, but he is also a Christian gospel musician, an
author, and even a trained medical doctor. He is famous as the founder and Senior Pastor of Dunamis
International Gospel Center, which is one of the most influential Christian institutions around.
The Man Of God is a spiritual man who is very committed to the things of God, and He is being used
of God to spread the reality of His kingdom in this territory. Dr. Paul Enenche is a mentor of many,
and he is also a son to Bishop David Oyedepo.

Paul Enenche Family

Paul Enenche is happily married to Mrs Becky Enenche. Both met themselves when they were in
school, and are medical doctors also, before becoming pastors. They have four superb children.
Dr. Paul Enenche is not just a man doing great exploits as a minister of the gospel, but he is also a
loving husband to his wife, and a responsible father to his children.
One of his daughters, Deborah Enenche, is also a gospel minister who is doing well. Indeed, it's a
blessing raising children that loves the LORD as adults.

Paul Enenche Songs

Pastor Paul Enenche is not only a gifted preacher, but he is also a gifted gospel minister. He has been
used of God to sing several Christian songs which are indeed anointed songs, impacting the lives of
listeners from different places in the world. These are songs that are healthy to our spirit as children
of God. They prompt us to love God more and more, and to worship His Name.

Some of his popular songs are:

– I’ll Praise You
– You Are Always There
– When You Are There
– Onye Oma I Praise You
– Turn It Around
– I Can't Pay You Lord
– Am Alive Oh LORD
– You Own The Universe
– Back With A Testimony
– Look Up To God
– Lord I Long For Your Lovely Face
– Hunger In My Soul
– Metu M Aka Gi
– Praising And Dancing
– Ene da Bu Jehovah
– Ogbiyola No

Dunamis International Gospel Center

Dunamis International Gospel Center is one of the most influential Christian institutions in the world.
Headquartered in Abuja and founded of God through His servant Dr. Paul Enenche, the church keeps
marching on gloriously.
The Church now have different branches in different places, as well as campus fellowships too. The
headquarter at Abuja is actually one of the largest church auditoriums in the world.
God indeed has been good to His church. Already, He has promised that He will build His church, and
the gate of hell shall never prevail. God is always faithful, and He is always true forever.

Paul Enenche Books

Dr. Paul Enenche has written different superb books too, and you will be blessed reading the books.
Prominent of his books are:
– Reason for Living
– Financial Wisdom
– Who Are You
– 21 Laws of Life
– 21 Uncommon Keys To Financial Overflow
– The Story Of The Glory
– 15 Kingdom Strategies For Survival

Paul Enenche: A True Man Of God

There are several types of ministers out there today quite alright, doing what they like, and some of
them even bringing reproach to the faith via their ungodly actions. However, God knows those that
are His, and He has His own anointed ministers which He will keep using in a time like this.
We are grateful to God for how He is using His servant Dr Paul Enenche. Dr. Paul has been serving
God dedicatedly for many years now. He loves the LORD and he is not ashamed about that.
Of course, in scriptures, we have been informed that our greatest priority should be to love the LORD
with everything about us. This is one of the things that can be said of Pastor Paul Enenche. He loves
the LORD indeed.

Also, Dr Paul Enenche loves the people of God. You know, God wants us to love one another in spirit
and in truth. There are several mischievous folks who don't really love the people of God, but are only
usually interested in their own selfish things. However, Dr Paul Enenche has been proven that he
genuinely love the people of God, and he wants to see them become all that God wants them to be.
And this is usually obvious when you fellowship in the church. Their meetings usually bless the
people, and it is always superb.

Additionally, we should add that Dunamis International Gospel Center do give things to even non
members of the church when they have the chance (even to unbelievers). This is one of the things
God expects from us as His own, since He Himself usually let down some of His blessings on both the
good and bad.
Also, Pastor Paul Enenche is a man given to evangelism. He usually hold revivals and crusades that is
bringing many to Jesus Christ.
This is superb, because soul winning and soul establishing really matters greatly to God. So, it is
expedient that ministers pay great attention to activities that will bring more souls to Christ, and get
them established unto maturity. All thanks to God for raising ministers like Dr. Paul Enenche for things
like this.

During the evangelistic meetings, the glory and power of the LORD is always manifest, and God is
always quick to work great signs and wonders. The Hands of God always move to bring salvation and
deliverance and breakthrough.
In conclusion, Dr. Paul Enenche is a true servant of God, and we are grateful to God for his life and

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