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Paul Enenche Family Wisdom

Paul Enenche Family Wisdom

One of the things people are always interested in is how to successfully run their family and get everyone in their household better. Of course, people are aware of the need to ensure one’s family is in a good state, as the well-being of one’s family can influence one’s level of success out there.

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So, people needs family wisdom. But you see, such things can’t be gotten just from any kind of source, but from proven and tested ones. And so, when a person like Dr Paul Enenche gave a sermon about family, you should expect that it will be something that can be relied on. First, it is from the scriptures, and then, he himself has a beautiful family.

Paul Enenche Family Wisdom
Paul Enenche Family Wisdom

Here is one of his messages on family wisdom:

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. – Proverbs 14:1

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; – Proverbs 24:3

What does it take to build a successful family?

Why is it necessary to understand the family?

The family is the nursery of God’s purposes and agenda on earth.Divine agenda is nurtured and nourished in families. Jesus came through the institution of the family via Mary and Joseph, and so did John the Baptist through Simeon and Elizabeth.

God goes to families to harvest destinies. Where a family is underfunctioning , divine purposes can be wasted; the agenda and purposes of God

could be squandered. Which is why we have to understand family wisdom.

  1. Wisdom for the man.
  2. If a man wants a successful family, he must take his place as Priest of the house. HE must be the spiritual leader of the home.
  3. Take your place as protector and defender of your family, not frustrator and irritator. You should not attack them but defend them.
  4. Provider for your family. Do everything to ensure your family is provided for. Any man who abdicates this responsibility is an abuse on masculinity.
  5. Give your wife the assurance of your love continually. Eph 5:25-29
  6. Bring out the best in your spouse. Add value to the life of your wife. No one should marry you and become a shadow of herself. Let her family

praise you that she married you.

  1. Be a model to your children. Be the kind of man your children want to grow up into . Let your children be able to look for a husband that looks like you in character.
  2. Wisdom for the woman.
  3. Take your place as help meet for your husband’s life. Be a completer, a complementer.
  4. Decide and determine to respect and submit to your husband’s authority. It is a great mistake to marry a man you are not willing to respect and obey.

It is a great mistake to marry a woman you are not ready to love.

  1. Be interested in your husband’s life vision and passion. What does he want to do with his life. Find out the things that move him and be involved in those things. Your involvement there moves your relationship to another level.
  2. Pay attention to his needs and challenges, especially current needs and challenges.
  3. Be a role model for your children. If your children think of a wife, let a woman like mummy, come to mind. Be a role model for maternity and feminity and matrimony.
  4. Celebrate and appreciate your husband’s efforts and acts as regards care of the family. BE thankful and appreciate him
  5. Wisdom for children upbringing.
  6. Never delegate your children’s upbringing to others. DO it yourself. Don’t hand over the upbringing of your children to other people.
  7. Strategically hand to your children the principles, the lessons, the insights that make you through instruction. What did your father tell you, what mistakes did you make on your journey of life, what mistakes did you make,
  8. Give your children your wisdom before you give them your wealth; your mentality before you give them your prosperity; your manners before your manna(money).
  9. Never use negative words on your children because they turn out accordingly.
  10. Maintain a healthy balance between correction and commendation, between Correction and affirmation. Correct them and commend them.

Over-commendation can be seen as weakness; Over-correction can be seen as being petty.

  1. Be involved in their life’s choices. Who are their friends? What TV programs are they watching?


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