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Paul Enenche And Family


Paul Enenche Is From Where?

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Where is Paul Enenche from? We know you might have heard a lot about what God has been doing through this man, and you are interested in knowing where he came from in the country. It is alright though, this article will take care of that, and various other things that concerns Dr. Paul Enenche.

So, the Pastor was actually born in Orokam, Benue State, and his native ethnic group is the Idoma. According to Wikipedia, “Benue State is one of the North central states in Nigeria with a population of about 4,253,641 in 2006 census. It is inhabited predominantly by the Tiv, Idoma and Igede peoples, who speak Tiv, Idoma, and Igede languages respectively. Its capital is Makurdi. Benue is a rich agricultural region; popularly grown crops includes; sweet potatoes, cassava, soya bean, guinea corn, flax, yams, sesame, rice, and groundnuts, Palm Tree.”
As a Christian, he is married to a wife, who goes by the name Becky Enenche. Both of them were doctors, and they are now Pastors of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre. Their marriage is blessed with four children.

Dunamis International Gospel Center was established on November 10, 1996, and the church has a very big auditorium in Abuja. The International Conference Centre and Glory Dome located in the Lord’s Garden had over 75,000 seats.
He also founded the Destiny College and Destiny Academy, and he overseers the institutions. The Pastor also established Destiny Publications, and he also participates the sphere of Radio and TV. Dr. Paul Enenche is one of the pastors in Nigeria whose Church has its own satellite TV station in the country.
The man of God is interested in making use of his TV and Radio stations to evangelize to the world the messages of Jesus Christ. The Pastor is set to teach people about the story of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Right now, they have tons of TV viewers from different parts of the world.
Additionally, his Ministry get busy with several social works too. In fact, they made known how they put their hands in projects meant to make things easier for Nigerians -health facilities, water supply, power supply, etc.


Dr. Paul Enenche As An Author; Here are some of his books:
1. – 21 Laws of Life –
2. – Financial Wisdom –
3. – Who are you –
4. – The story of the glory –
5. – Wisdom of planning and time use –
6. – 15 kingdom strategies for survival –
7. – Reason for Living –
8. – 30 Secrets to the top –
9. – 10 Principal secrets of principal people –
10 – 21 Uncommon keys to financial overflow –

So, you now know where this Pastor is from. Don’t forget to share this post with others.

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