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PASTOR PAUL ENENCHE: Avoiding Vision Failure

Avoiding Vision Failure by Pastor Paul Enenche



SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Unravelling factors that can cause vision failure

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Scriptures make it clear that vision can fail – either fail to be conceived or fail to be fulfilled (or both); either fail to be received or fail to be realised


  1. The wrong company (Prov. 13:20; 27:17; 1Cor. 15:33; Gen. 37:5-11, 19-20; Matt. 2:7-9)
    Association can lead to the abortion of vision
    1a. Company affects mind-set,
    1b. Company affects choices
    1c. Company affects lifestyle
    Who you walk with affects what you can see
    Not everybody is qualified to know your vision because sharing the right vision with the wrong people will lead to the wrong outcome
    When you speak your vision to the wrong people:
    I. You attract envy
    II. You attract hatred
    III. You attract harm
    Your dream is a threat to mediocres; if God is going to take you somewhere, those going nowhere will react
    If the people you walk with don’t see far, they will impart you with short-sightedness
    There are people in whose company your visions and dreams simply disappear; these are people who represent the opposite of everything you represent
  2. Discouragement from delay (Hab. 2:2-3; Gen. 5:32; 6:1, 16-17; 7:6; Job 14:14; Gal. 6:9)
    Every vision is for an appointed time and visions speak at the end (Hab. 2:2-3)
    It requires faith and persistence to experience the promises of God
    Where faith and persistence are lacking, vision can fail
    Anybody can lie but not God! (Num. 23:19)
    There is a timeframe between the release of vision and the realisation of vision
    Every God-ordained vision is worth waiting for
    Waiting is not wasting as far as waiting is on God; those who wait on God can’t waste in life
    It is only when you refuse to be discouraged that you achieve your God-ordained destiny (Gal. 6:9)
    When you faint in action, you fail with the vision
  3. Unrighteousness and ungodliness (Judg. 16:20-21; Prov. 14:34; 1Kings 3:3-7, 12; 11:1-8; Gen. 39:9; 42:18)
    Vision from God can never co-exist with transgression
    If you choose the way of vision, you cannot choose the way of transgression but if you choose transgression, you have excused yourself from vision
    Any gain you make in sin is at the expense of your vision, future and destiny
    If you don’t kill sin, ungodliness and unrighteousness, sin can kill your vision, future and destiny
    The strength of your consecration will determine the strength of your vision; if you lose consecration you will lose vision and passion
    If you are a symbol of character, you will be a symbol of vision fulfilment
  4. The snare of imitation and competition (2Cor. 10:12; Gen. 13:7-8, 2, 5, 14; 1Sam. 8:4-8; Phil. 3:12-13)
    In imitation and competition people are trying to fulfil someone else’s vision; they abandon their lane to run another person’s lane
    In imitation and competition people are trying to outdo, outshine or deshine somebody
    Until you leave your ‘Lot’ you don’t locate your lot in life
    Life is not designed for imitation and competition, life is designed for full expression of potentials and manifestation of destiny
    Imitation and competition invite complications
    The best you can be in this world is who God wants you to be; the best you can achieve in this world is what God wants you to achieve
    Imitation is limitation – you limit your life and destiny when your struggle is to attempt to be like somebody else
    Competition is complication
    Never struggle to make impression; always struggle to give expression
  5. Procrastination (inaction) (2Sam. 20:4-6; Gen. 37:21-22; Judg. 5:15-16; Hab. 2:2; 1Cor. 15:9-10)
    Procrastination is failing to take action when you are meant to take action
    Procrastination will lead to both vision failure and destiny failure
    Vision is for runners; vision is not just for documentation or decoration, it is for action
    No man can waste God’s time; whenever you try to waste the time of God, He gives your place to another
    When you are wasting time please understand that someone else is warming up to do what you are meant to do
    There is no destiny for the indecisive; when people who are meant to take decisions are given to indecision, they have no destination
    It doesn’t matter how late you came into God, what matters is how aggressive you are progressing
    The abundance of action will produce an abundance of acceleration; the abundance of labour will produce an abundance of results
    It is not how long you came but it is how hard you work that determines how fast you move
  6. Wrong timing (Eccl. 3:1, 11; Ex. 2:14; Dan. 9:2; Acts 2:1; Gal. 4:4; John 2:3-4; 7:2-6)
    Even though it is important to act quickly to accomplish vision, it is important to note that there is a right time for everything under Heaven
    Beauty can only be born when purpose marries time
    It takes preparation to experience manifestation
    God is a God of times and seasons
    When it is time for the vision, it happens without much effort
    Effort is massive when time is not due
    Doing the right thing at the wrong time is never beautiful
  7. The wrong approach (Eccl. 10:15; 8:6NIV; 1Sam. 17:38)
    There is the right approach to every vision
    Vision requires know-how; every Divine agenda is connected to a Divine procedure
    You cannot fight the battle of the Lord with the armour of Saul
    Every vision has its procedure
    The vision may be similar but the procedure may be totally different


Father, thank You for Your Word to me today, I am grateful Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Lord, I ask that Your purpose for my life will not fail and that Your plan for my life will stand, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, draw me closer to You. Deliver me from every trace of infirmity, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, show me what to do and show me how to do it, in Jesus’ Name.


One of the strongest forces on the earth is the force of the Blessing (Gen. 1:28; 9:1; 12:2-3)
The Blessing is behind the making of the great in the Kingdom
The Blessing of God is the fertilizer in the Kingdom
Behind the making of nations is the Blessing


  1. God Himself (Ex. 23:25; Ps. 67:5-7; Mal. 3:10)
  2. The Prophet or the Priest (Gen. 12:3; Num. 6:23-27)
  3. The poor (Ps. 41:1-2; Job 29:11-12)


  1. I prophesy upon you the Blessing of life, the Blessing of longevity
  2. I prophesy upon you the Blessing of Divine Health; you shall not be cut short before your time; your health shall not be affected
  3. In the month of March, I prophesy the Blessing of Divine direction and revelation; every step you need to take and move you need to make shall be revealed to you
  4. The Blessing of supernatural supplies – systems are put under pressure, they lose their peace, sleep and rest until what is yours enters your hands
  5. Every satanic snare, trap, agenda, orchestration, permutation, calculation or satanic timetable prepared for you or your loved ones is cancelled!
  6. Every ancestral, generational or family curse, every word spoken over your life that is negative, by the reason of this Blessing, that word is wiped out!
  7. March into destiny in the month of March; stagnation is not your portion (Prov. 4:18). The month of March shall answer you


Father, we commit the service personnel into Your Hands. Jehovah God keep them, preserve them and protect them; may Your Hand rest upon them. Deliver them from arrows of destruction. None of them shall perish in the hands of criminals or terrorists. Preserve their troops, battalions and families, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we pray for the service men and women in Nigeria. We release upon them the wisdom, strategy and Divine help and ability to end insurgency in Nigeria. We release it upon them NOW!

Father, fulfil Your perfect plan and purpose for every one of them in the service. None of them shall fail to become everything You want them to be, oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


  • As God protects you from disaster and danger, you will remember this service
  • As God positions you in a place of bringing solution to this Nation, you will remember this service
  • As God takes you to the peak of your career, you will remember this service
  • Anyone that has been marking time as regards promotion, it is time to move forward, the embargo is lifted!
  • Protocols shall be suspended on your behalf!
  • A new day dawns on you and on our Nation!


  • Communion of inoculation against every affliction; coronavirus has no place in Nigeria – the same fire that roasted ebola, we command it to roast you to ashes!


  • Watch the month of March – in your personal life, in the Church, in the Nation, Jehovah God Himself will rise to show Who He is in our lives, land and family, to put the devil where he belongs.
  • Every vision, purpose or revelation God has spoken into your life that seems to be delayed, I prophesy to you, the delay is over!
  • Anything that my Father in Heaven has not planted in your life is uprooted!
  • The plan and purpose of satan is arrested over your life and the plan of God for your life is established!
  • Every plan and purpose of God for your life that has been experiencing delay or failure, today is the expiry day of that failure!
  • What God has spoken concerning your life shall come to pass!

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