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Seeds Of Destiny By DIGC 15 January 2021

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Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Abuja, Nigeria. The Author of Dunamis Seed of Destiny Daily Devotional, a daily bible devotional that reveals God’s promises to his children daily. Dunamis (Doo’na-mis) is the Greek word that means POWER. It is a power source that reproduces itself without a reduction in intensity. Thank you for reading Todays Seed Of Destiny Devotional SOD by Pastor Paul Enenche – Please share this post using the share button at end of the page, God Bless


Understanding the things that hinder access to Divine Wisdom

The way of wisdom is beyond the reach of the fool; the fool is never willing to do what is required

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1. The wrong company (Prov. 13:20)
The quality of your friends show the quality of your mind
The wrong company hinders your access to sound wisdom

2. Failure of observation (1Kings 4:32-33; Prov. 20:12; Jer. 18:1-5; Prov. 24:30-32)
It is having eyes that see nothing; failure to learn the lessons that life presents
Situations convey revelations; many people see things but hear nothing

3. Failure to learn from instructive experiences of life (John 5:14; Col. 3:7-8; 1Pet. 4:3-4)
Learning from experiences is not the best way to lean, but it is a way
Those who don’t learn from history repeat history
Those who don’t learn from the past can never have a future
Anything that ever gave you pain was saying something you never heard
You cannot walk in wisdom when you fail to learn from either the positive or negative experiences of life

4. An over-congested life and mind (Prov. 18:1; Gen. 24:63)
This is being too busy, being drawn in too many directions
There is a connection between separation and discretion
An over congested life and mind makes instruction and observations meant to be noted pass you without notice

Paul Enenche
Paul Enenche

5. Failure to engage the thought (mind) (Prov. 20:5; Acts 10:19; Isa. 1:18)
This is failure to think deliberately
Ideas are the children of thoughts and solutions are the products of meditation
Those who engage their reasoning change the seasons

6. Failure to acquire information (Knowledge) (Prov. 1:5, 23:23)
It is failure to renovate mentality by upgrading knowledge
The three most important types of information to upgrade are:
i. Spiritual information
ii. Financial information and
iii. Career information

Knowledge is the base for wisdom; information is the bedrock, raw material for wisdom; wisdom is the profitable application of knowledge

7. The absence of meekness (Prov. 14:3; James 3:13)

Arrogance is the major identity of the fool
If you are too big to learn, you become too poor to lead

When you are humble enough to learn, there is no limit to where you can reach in life

Father, I come before You today as I ask for Your help on my journey of wisdom. I receive total deliverance from the wrong company; help me Lord to overcome failure of observation, give me eyes that see in the Name of Jesus. Help me to learn from the things of my past that I need to learn from. Help me to live a decongested life and mind; Help me Lord to engage my thoughts productively; Help me Lord never to be satisfied, to continuously acquire information. Deliver me from the spell and spirit of pride, I receive deliverance Oh Lord in Jesus’ Name

– This communion is your tonic of wisdom
– Receive total deliverance from every spell of stupidity and indiscretion
– Freedom form every spell of confusion, disorientation, misdirection, failure and frustration, poverty and wretchedness and lack of wisdom is broken
– Every agenda for premature death, by the speakings of the Blood of Jesus it is broken
– Every ancestral curse, anti- marital spell is broken now

– That fear the devil put in you is over, you shall do well
– Your future is secured in Jesus’ Name
– Every arrow of sudden disease is rebuked
– Everything God my Father has not planted in your body, I declare them uprooted. You shall testify in Jesus’ Name
– Harvest of financial supernatural supplies will look for you in Jesus’ Name

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