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By: Dr. Paul Enenche

1. FIRE is the essential nature of God
Fire is the material of God’s ‘Making’
2. FIRE is the character of God
3. FIRE is the weapon of God
From the beginning of time till now, fire has been a steady weapon in the Hands of God

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1. To administer His passion and power (Ex. 3:1-5; Acts 2:1-4)

2. To establish His pleasure and His glory (1Kings 18:24, 36-38; 2Chron. 7:1)
When He releases His fire, it is to establish His pleasure and glory

3. To enforce the access of His people into their inheritance (Joel 2:3; Deut. 9:3)
Between you and your destiny, there are giants and distractions, it is the fire of the Holy Ghost that eliminates those giants and distractions, so that you can access your inheritance

4. To administer the vengeance and judgment of God (Gen. 19:24-25; Lev. 10:1-2; 2Kings 1:10-12)


1. The Covenant Walk (Ex. 2:24)
Your commitment to God must be confirmed
Your commitment to God must be unalloyed and unadulterated

2. The availability of sacrifice (2Chron. 7:1)

3. The fervency of prayer (Acts 2:1-4; 1Kings 18:30)
The fervency of prayer means having a functional prayer and worship altar with God


Oh God to Whom vengeance belongs, show Yourself. Arise! And let your enemies be scattered!

Father, I receive the fire NOW!

Father, I receive my expectation tonight. Father, I receive my restoration; what the devil took from my life, from my spiritual life and from my family, I receive it back now! I receive my restoration, I receive my fire back NOW!

Father, You answer by Fire. Terminate the controversy, contradiction, confusion and battles in my life and in our land tonight, in Jesus’ Name.

Oh you mountain established around my life, you are leaving me now. Oh you mountain, your tenure has expired! You are uprooted! On your marks, get set, GO!

Oh you mountain of terrorism, kidnapping and bloodshed in Nigeria, today is your expiry day! Your tenure has expired! GET OUT!

In the Name of Jesus, every appointment with evil, disaster and calamity, I reject you! Oh you evil appointment you are cancelled and terminated from my life NOW!

In the Name of Jesus, every life-threatening power targeted against my life and destiny is arrested! Oh you life-threatening power, you are leaving me now!

Father, I am here before You; let Your fire fall, let Your fire flow and let Your fire change my story today!

Father, I am available for Your Fire, let it fall for passion and for power, I receive it now!

1. Whatever be your expectation is possible tonight; whatever you trust God for tonight is not only possible but it is available
2. What the devil took from you shall be returned tonight – tonight is a night of return, restoration and recovery!
3. Tonight is the night for the settlement of any matter of controversy, contradiction, confusion and conspiracy. That matter that you have been battling with is settled tonight


God will position you where you belong and use you to touch people around your sphere in Jesus’ Name
– That area of battle tonight, is arrested!
– The which the witch took from you is returned!
– ebola was boiled and corona must die! It has no place in our nation or in any nation around the world! The way it came, in that same way it shall disappear!
– This is the night you have been waiting for!
– Every arrow in your life, your family, your business is retrieved and refired back to hell!
– Everything that is not of God in your life shall be roasted by fire!
– God will identify you by name tonight!
– There is a miracle with your name on it and that miracle will enter into your hands tonight!
– Anything they have used your name to do that is contrary to your life, your welfare and destiny, tonight, it is reversed!
– Every evil arrow fired in your direction is refired back to sender!
– I am anointed to announce to you, that from this day forward your joy shall be full and your dance shall continue!
– Everything that will make you dance in the month of March, today, you shall march into it!
– Your life is marching into celebration! By the apostolic and prophetic mantle on my life, your family and this nation is marching into celebration
– Whatever is challenging your finances and challenging your resources, today, that challenge is over!
– I prophesy to everyone here today, stray bullet is not your portion! You won’t be wasted in the hands of killers, ritualists and terrorists!
– Every mountain around your life and destiny is roasted by fire!
– Whatever is responsible for trapping your life just got roasted tonight!
– Anything in your life that is not of God is set on fire!
– Every bondage and addiction, every evil garment placed on your life is set on fire!
– The burden of indebtedness is set on fire!
– The passion of God that is carried in His fire is coming upon your life now!
– Tonight, where you were defeated before, after tonight, by the power of God, you will see victory
– The glory always eliminates shame; as this fire arrives tonight, everything that is making you ashamed in life, by the fire with which I preach, that shame shall be swallowed up tonight!
– After tonight, every smell of shame, reproach and pressure shall be roasted off by the Holy Ghost
– Anything standing between you and where God wants you to reach in this year 2020 and your destiny as a whole, by the Fire of the Holy Ghost, they are roasted by fire!
– The fire of the Lord shall go before you and bring you into your destiny; no devil shall stop you on the way
– You shall not bury your children!
– Your children shall follow the way of the Lord
– Anything that won’t let you be, will be buried by fire! I declare judgment on the adversaries of your life, of the church and of Nigeria as a Nation!
– Before 24 hours is over, we shall see the judgment of God

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