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Dr. Paul Eneche Quotes – Compilation

Dr. Paul Eneche Quotes

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Dr. Paul Eneche is a    Reverend Minister who God used to established one of the biggest churches in Nigeria – Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC) worldwide, where he is a Senior Pastor. He is a Medical Doctor that is now a full time Minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Compilation of Dr. Paul Eneche Quotes

Dr. Paul is an Author, Televangelist, Speaker, Educationist, and also a Musician/Singer. He is an achiever who should be taken seriously. Here are some of his wise quotes:

  1. “ To be trusted is to be entrusted.- “Dr Paul Enenche
  2. “ Where your flesh is in front, your future is behind.” – Dr Paul Enenche
  3. “ When you have a distaste for what is not yours, you have set the stage for what is yours.” – Dr Paul Enenche
  4. “ GOD DOES NOT MANUFACTURE GREATNESS HURRIEDLY! Don’t kill yourself when it looks like the prophecy on your life is too slow in coming to pass! Don’t ruin yourself when it looks like the expectations that you have of yourself, or that God or people have of you is too slow in coming to pass! God does not manufacture greatness hurriedly! He does not manufacture great things in a hurry!” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  5. “Everybody needs the wisdom of God to excel in life. This wisdom is accessed by worship. Wisdom is the benefit of true worshipers. Wisdom flows in the direction of worship.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  6. “Let me give you a tip. Define your vision for life and where you want to be in the next 5 to 10 years if Jesus tarries.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  7. “Please understand that God created you to be powerful and to be more powerful than every other thing He created. Look with me at God’s provision for power to His children… which includes you!” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  8. “God’s plan for His people is a plan of power. Nothing weak describes God and if we are members of His body, then we carry the same genetics of power.” Dr. Paul Enenche
  9. “Dear sisters, you are better off marrying someone with similar vision and passion as you. Please, insist on marrying a born-again child of God.” Dr. Paul Enenche
  10. “Your association determines your acceleration and assimilation. Your connection determines your collection. Who you know and flow with determines what you can show.” – Dr Paul Enenche
  11. “To marry the devil’s child is to have the devil as father in-law, what a signature for frustration and disaster!” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  12. “Your future is somebody’s past. Your destiny is somebody’s history. That thing that you are looking forward to in life, somebody has already left it behind.” – Dr Paul Enenche
  13. “Solomon, who was one of the wises man what ever lived, was a worshiper; a man of praise and proverbs; a man of worship and wisdom.” – Dr Paul Enenche
  14. “You are not a failure and you can never be one. The fact that you survived your mother’s womb and the many hostilities that have come against you shows that there is a fighter inside you.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  15. “When a person’s rate of regrets begins to reduce, his rate of progress begins to increase.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  16. “The word is the vehicle of God’s power and He uses it to hold things up. The word can hold up your life, marriage and destiny and they will not fall.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  17. “It is said that you will remain the same way you are now in the next five years except for the people you meet and the books you read. Connect with the All-Wise God, the All-Wise Book (The Bible), wise men and wisdom materials and you must rise.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
Dr. Paul Eneche Quotes - Compilation
Dr. Paul Eneche Quotes – Compilation
  1. “Whatever you are striving to achieve in life is already a past event for somebody else; it has already been achieved. Whenever you connect with people, you save yourself some unnecessary twists and turns of the journey of life and destiny.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  2. “Beloved, any invitation to pervert your passion for God is an invitation to collapse your destiny; resist it.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  3. “Battles are fought with weapons but they are won with wisdom.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  4. “Love is living your life with the full consideration of the feelings, emotions and wellbeing of others.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  5. “Intercessors are never cheap preys to tragedy; those given to the lifestyle of prayer are never victims of disaster.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  6. “If your prayer must deliver the power of preservation, it must be enveloped in trust in God.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  7. “The world minds those who maximize their mind.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  8. “Thoughtlessness is the reason for aimlessness and the outcome is uselessness.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  9. “The limit of thought defines the limit of life.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  10. “The quality of a person’s life is determined by the quality of his thoughts.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  11. “A blank mind is the reason for a blank life. When the heart is empty, life is also empty.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  12. “The direction of your thoughts determines the direction of your life.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  13. “When you have a disaster for what is not yours, you have set the stage for what is yours.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  14. “The wisdom that will prolong your life is released now, in Jesus’ Name. Remember this murmuring affects reasoning.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  15. “Wealth travels in the direction of wisdom. A wise man is a wealthy man.” – Dr. Paul Enenche
  16. Emptiness of heart is emptiness of hand #quote #Dr. Paul Enench
  17. QUOTE: When you are connected to the Most High, you have no business with the low-life. Culled from 365 WISDOM CAPSULES by Dr Paul Enenche.
  18. Whatever increases your spirituality increases your opportunity. Quote of the Day culled from 365 Wisdom Capsule by Dr Pastor Paul Enenche
  19. BOOK QUOTE FOR THE DAY: Those who look up to God cannot go down in life. Culled from 30 SECRETS TO THE TOP by Dr Paul Enenche.

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