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Daily Blessings Dr Becky Enenche – Switch from worry to praise

Daily Blessings Dr Becky Enenche -Switch from worry to praise 

Welcome to the Month of October 2019! I decree that this shall be the best Month of your life, thus far! Proceed in total Freedom from challenges, into the realm of good health, wealth, peace and joy! Remain Rapturable. #DailyBlessings #DrBeckyPaulEnenche

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Blessings! The Lord has heard your cry. Today, you shall receive a Divine encounter that will bring answers to your prayers, in Jesus Name! Give thanks. #DailyBlessings #DrBeckyPaulEnenche

The Lord bless you. Today marks the end of that nightmare and spirit spouse molestation, in Jesus Name! I release the fire of the Holy Ghost around you and declare you ‘unharassable’, in Jesus Name! #DailyBlessings #DrBeckyPaulEnenche

Blessings! Yes, you shall make it. Yes, you shall breakthrough. Yes, you shall be completely healed. Yes, your harvest shall come and they shall drive in a hurry, in this season, in Jesus Name! Give thanks.#DailyBlessings #DrBeckyPaulEnenche

Switch from worry to praise because this is our season of dimensional shift! Finally, finally, it is your turn for testimonies, in Jesus Name! #DailyBlessings #DrBeckyPaulEnenche

No devil can put you to shame! Today marks the end of every arrow fired at you to bring you shame and reproach. The Blood of Jesus envelops you and changes every trace of shame to favour and beauty, in Jesus Name! #DailyBlessings #DrBeckyPaulEnenche

Daily Destiny Builders – You are an eagle, don’t remain on the ground level with chickens.


Becky Inyangbe Paul Enenche, formerly known as Rebecca (Becky) Inyangbe Ibu, (born October 23rd) is a Nigerian. She is a trained Medical Doctor but now a Preacher of the gospel. She is also a Christian author, Minister, Televangelist, Musician and Educationist. She is the wife of Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre World-wide, with headquarters in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. A ministry having hundreds of thousands of worshippers across the world.

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Dunamis International Gospel Centre network of churches is located in over twenty states in Nigeria and also in a number of other countries, including the Uk and Liberia.

Her Ministry and Ministrations are characterized by a profound release of the word  of God, miracles, signs and wonders and a palpable and tangible presence of God. Her ever- ready smile laced with words of kindness warms the hearts of those that come across her.

The Benue State-born mother of four has been lauded many times for her modest dress sense. Mostly garbed in tastefully sewn traditional and western attire, it is worthy to note that Dr Becky loves to wear her hair natural.

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