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Christmas Celebration Service – 25th December 2019


By: Dr. Paul Enenche

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The birth of our Master is the most important event in the history of mankind; it is also the most celebrated event for Christians and non-Christians alike; reason is, Jesus Christ is the center piece of history.
Jesus was the most influential Figure to ever exist; it is historical that 98% of the inventions of the world came out of those who profess faith in Him. The topmost institutions of learning in the world were founded by those who believed in Him, or for His causes (Church)
It is easy to say that there is no civilization without Christ. It is interesting to note that even healthcare provision in the world, the Christian church is on top of the list of the topmost hospitals in the world
The Church of Jesus Christ has made life and the world better for everybody; if Jesus was not born, everything would have been in a mess, people would have been killing themselves

1. It was revealed to three sets of people (Matt. 2:2; Luke 2:8-11, 2:22-39)
i. The birth of Jesus was revealed to the three eastern wise men who saw His birth in the stars (Matt. 2:2)
ii. The birth of Jesus was revealed to The Jewish Shepherds who received the news while watching their flocks by night (Luke 2:8-11)
iii. The birth of Jesus was revealed to a devout servant and handmaiden of the Lord by name Simeon and Anna during dedication of the temple (Luke 2:22-39)
God decided to reveal the birth of His son to the different sets of people in the language they will understand; whatever language you belong to, God can speak to you

2. He was given three sets of gifts (Matt. 2:11)
i. Gold, which represents His value
ii. Frankincense, which represents His influence
iii. Myrrh which represents His death
3. He was born and identified with three different Names (Matt. 1:21)
i. Jesus – which refers to His solution provision (Matt. 1:21)
ii. Emmanuel – which refers to His companionship provision (Matt. 1:23)
iii. Christ – which refers to His Unction possession (Luke 2:11)
Our association with God is the most fundamental need of humanity because the problem of humanity was caused by the separation that came between man and God
Every time man goes away from God, he goes into problem; every occasion of separation from God or His people brings problem; every stray away from God and His people is straying into problems.
Distance from God equals nearness to disaster

1. Adam and Eve
2. Dinah (Gen. 34:1-5)
3. Lot (Gen. 13:8-13, 2, 5)
4. Samson (Judg. 16:1, 4, 18-21)
5. The man who went from Jerusalem to Jericho (Luke 10:31)
6. Peter (Mark 14:53-54, 66-72)

1. Association brings assimilation (Prov. 13:20)
2. Association brings transformation (2Cor. 3:18; Acts 4:13)
3. Association determines destination (Matt. 19:28)
Who you walk with determines where you end
4. Association determines protection and preservation (John 18:8; Acts 14:20)
Association with Emmanuel determines your preservation; you can’t hang around Emmanuel and be killed like a chicken
5. Association determines solution (Gen. 5:24; 39:2, 21; 1Kings. 17:1; John 2:1-11)
Joseph experienced prosperity, mercy and favour because God was with him
When you have God with you, you don’t have to report the problems that arise because God will see it

Are you seeking the Master just as Jesus because you want a problem solved? Or are you looking for Him as Emmanuel?

1. Spend time with Him (Mark 3:12-14)
2. Have time for Him (Mark 3:13-14)
Time to defend His interest and run His errands
What occupies most of your life will determine your outcome in time and eternity

1. Wise people are excited about Jesus; wicked and ungodly people are tormented by His birth
2. Wise people recognize and worship His greatness but wicked people tolerate and even resist Him and His cause
3. Wise people serve God with their best (Matt. 2:11)
Serve Him with the best of your resources, the best of your time and the best of your talent

Father, thank You for the privilege of knowing You, thank You for the privilege of this day, thank You for the privilege of this service. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I ask for mercy where I have given more attention to any other thing than You. I am sorry for anything that has pulled me away from You, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I ask that You will take me to the next level of relationship with You, in Jesus’ Name.

– Every attempt at sorrow and calamity and bloodshed around you is arrested!
– Somebody’s accommodation situation is being handled!
– Someone’s appointment letter is being released
– You will not walk into 2020, you will dance into 2020
– Every force of frustration packaged to make you to sorrow in 20220 is aborted
– Every current battle you are involved in is over. The Prince of peace steps into you battle and takes over your battles in Jesus’ Name
– 31st December 2019 is not permitted to come to pass until your expectation is in your hands.
– Systems and organizations are put under pressure until all that is yours is released into your hands in Jesus’ Name

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