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By: Dr. Paul Enenche

1. Understanding the power of thought
2. Understanding the focus of thought
3. Understanding the enemies of thought

One of the most powerful weapons of life is the power of thought; thought can make or mar a life, thought can raise or ruin a life; thought can assist a person to enter heaven or end in hell.

1. Thought determines result (Prov. 4:23; 23:7)
Quality of thought determines quality of result; quality of thought affects quality of destiny
No matter how hard you try, your life can never rise above your level of thought
When you toy with thought, you toy with the future, you toy with destiny

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2. Thought fuels action and action determines manifestation (Matt. 15:19; Mark 7:21)
To think it now is to act it later; to think it now is to manifest it with time
If you don’t want to act it or manifest it, then don’t think it

3. Thought sponsors change and transformation (Rom. 12:1; Luke 15:17)
When the mind is renewed, life is upgraded; when your thinking changes, your life changes; when your thought pattern is reviewed, your destiny is revitalized
Every reality around you today is a product of your mentality
If you don’t like how your life is, change your thought

4. Thought births ideas and inspiration (Prov. 20:5; 18:1)
The place of thought is the place of ideas; when you sow the seed of thought, you reap the harvest of Divine ideas
The place of thought is the place of wisdom; those who are too busy to think are in a hurry to fail
Don’t worry through problems, think through problems

5. Thought births possibilities (Gen. 11:1,6; Eph. 3:20)
Only what is a possibility to the mind can be a possibility in life; possibility is a child of mentality
Anything too difficult for your mind to grasp will be too difficult for your hand to handle

6. Thought births Divine response/answers (Isa. 65:24; Eph. 3:20)
God hears and answers thoughts, once they are correct thoughts
The right thought can weigh as heavy as the right prayers before God (Eph. 3:20)
Anywhere you want to go, let it fill your mind – see yourself in your husband’s house, see yourself healed, see yourself beyond this quarantine period.

7. Thought (the right thought) attracts the Voice of God (Acts 10:19; Matt. 1:20)
The Voice of God can travel inside the right thought
God speaks to those who know how to think and think correctly
What you think determines what you hear – you can either hear the Voice of God or the voice of the devil


1. The Word of God (Josh. 1:8; Ps. 1:1-3)
Let the Word of God fill your mind

2. The works of God (Ps. 119:99; 77:12)

3. The desirable and lovely (Phil. 4:8)
Invest your thought in the direction of what is desirable – what excites you and what you will want to see

4. The path of purpose and destiny (Prov. 4:25)
What am I going to do with my life?
How impactful will my life be in the land of the living?
What will I be remembered for?
What mark am I making on the sand s of tie and eternity?
How can I make my life more useful to
God and more profitable to my generation?

5. The priorities and posteriorities of life (Prov. 4:25)
What are the things you are meant to put in front of you to pursue and what are the things you are meant to put behind? Think on these things
There are some friends you may have to put behind you


1. Fear
When you allow your mind to be choked with fear, it is impossible for you to productively reason
It is not possible to think straight and think well in the climate of fear; deal with fear by the Word of God

2. Worry and anxiety
Worry is the opposite use of the mind; it keeps you in the past and the present
When you worry, you are combining the failures of yesterday with the challenges of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow
Worry is a useless use of the mind; thought does not refer to worry; thinking is breaking the problem down and reasoning your way out of it

3. Corrupt and filthy intake into the mind
This is the intake of garbage into your mind
These choke up the mind and take up useful terabyte space

4. Sin
Such as alcoholism; iniquity etc.

5. Unforgiveness and bitterness
Most times when you haven’t released people you have not released yourself; holding people holds you down

6. Depression
Depression is a mental condition
When you allow yourself to be weighed down, it deprives you of inspiration
When you are tensed, your mind is fenced


Father, we ask that You will establish Your rule, reign and dominion in our lives, families, cities, nations and in our world in the month of April, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we ask that You will overturn and overrun the agenda of satan in our lives, families, nations and in our world, overturn it now, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we receive our supplies, our families’ supplies, the church’s supplies and the nation’s supplies for the month of April, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, arrest the agenda of hell; intercept and interrupt the agenda of darkness for the month of April, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, let this message change my story and let it produce the desired result in my life. I receive the grace to obey, comply and live out this message, in Jesus’ Name.

Seal of preservation.

– Great things shall happen this month!
– From this moment forward, begin to hear things clearly and see things clearly!
– The Lord shall guide your thoughts, plans and mindset aright in this season!
– Every previous addiction to pornography is broken and shall not be recommenced in this season in Jesus’ Name!
– Receive the discipline to go through faith building messages
– Whatever is called an affliction in your life is arrested!

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