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ANCHORSCRIPTURE: 1 CHRONICLES 11:16-19 MESSAGE TOPIC: BRUTAL DEDICATION By: Dr. Paul Enenche SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Understanding the principle and power of brutal or extreme dedication DEFINITIONS OF DEDICATION: 1. Affection for God (1Kings 3:3; 1Chron. 29:3) 2. Devotion to God (Dan. 6:10; Gen. 19:27) 3. Submission to God (Gal. 2:20) 4. Addiction to God (Phil. 1:21) 5. Donation to God CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE IN CHURCH AS REGARDS DEDICATION TO GOD: 1. The generally undedicated – Those who don’t pay any special attention to Kingdom matters; God can rely on them for nothing. 2. The nominally dedicated – Those who are religiously dedicated; they may not miss any activity in Church but lifestyle is completely unchanged 3. The averagely dedicated – Those that try their best to be upright and spiritual but are not willing to go all the way; they can’t risk anything for God 4. The extremely dedicated – Those that go all the way with God; these are the people that see the best of God These four levels exist but the people who see the most out of God and out of life are the extremely and brutally dedicated WHAT BEING BRUTALLY DEDICATED ENTAILS: 1. Hearing the longings, yearnings of the Master It is being in touch with the heartbeat of the Master; feeling what He feels, perceiving and sensing His desires It is not possible to effectively serve a Master whose needs you don’t know, whose passion you don’t understand 2. Moving at the speed of the Master’s thoughts and longings It is a situation where His needs are your immediate concern; you are not waiting to be begged or cajoled to work for God 3. Breaking barriers and surmounting obstacles to meet the Master’s needs No reason is reasonable enough to stop you from doing what you know God wants you to do in His House or for Him; no excuse is tenable enough 4. Taking risks and confronting hazards and dangers to do the Will of the Master It is jeopardizing life and every other thing to do the Master’s Will Those who are too careful, comfort-minded, convenience-minded never go far with God; it is casting aside the idea of comfort, convenience and safety to do the Will and Pleasure of the Master 5. Meeting the hunger and thirst of the Master at any cost (Mark 11:13-14) It is ensuring the Master is not in need where you are or here you are able to do something and you did nothing THINGS TO NOTE: 1. It is not enough to do something for God, it is important to do what God wants/values 2. It is not enough to do what is convenient for God, it is important to do what is commanded; what is commanded is superior to what is convenient 3. It is important to do what you know God loves without waiting to be asked to do it 4. Always do what you know is necessary to do for God without waiting for who will do it first or for who else is doing it 5. Brutal dedication is the way of drastic manifestations, drastic distinctions and drastic elevation You can never go down in life if you are determined to go far with God It takes the extra to see the extraordinary PRAYER: Father, use me. I am available, I want to go all the way with You; I want to be one of those You can use to do what You need to do on the earth. Help me not to waste my life doing my own pleasure or the devil’s. Grant me the grace to use my life for Your pleasure Lord, in Jesus’ Name COMMUNION FOCUS: – Communion of fresh devotion, fresh affection, fresh submission, fresh addiction, fresh donation to God that will lead you to a higher level of manifestation, distinction and demonstration in the Name of Jesus PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS: – Every satanic arrow or planting looking for you or your loved ones returns back to hell. There shall be no loss in Jesus’ Name! – You will fulfill your days in Jesus’ Name! – Anything that is a distraction to serving God, to your dedication is flushed out of you by the power of the Communion in Jesus’ Name – A satanic agenda, plot and plan of destruction has just been nullified. You shall not be buried young and you shall not bury anybody in your family untimely! – As you proceed in this journey of brutal dedication, the top is your place – That cage where the devil kept you, you are coming out – The curse of spirit husband, wife or children is broken from your life – I draw on the apostolic mantle of fire, judgmental and vengeance mantle, anyone sponsoring bloodshed, including those on the rampage to kill, DIE NOW IN JESUS’ NAME – satan your agenda for Nigeria shall not stand! – From this moment, it shall be clear that light is stronger than darkness – Sleep this night and receive Divine visitation and everyone who won’t let you rest shall experience the opposite, encounters that will paralyse!

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